Ridgetec Outdoors

Antenna Booster Cable (10ft/3m)


**This item is a single extension cable**

Benefits include:

  • Protect Antennas from breakage
  • Improve Reception
  • Hides Camera by moving antennas

Use this extension cable to add 10feet of extra height and a signal boost to your camera's primary antennas (For Lookout this is the port closest to the hinges). Moving one or both of the antennas away from the camera will reduce the camera's visibility by removing the large "rabbit ears" from the camera.

Use the hanging bracket to mount your antenna upside-down to cut down on potential critter damage as well.

Comes with a hanging bracket, 10' cable, and necessary fasteners.

Note: Our inhouse testing shows that when you have a mediocre to poor signal applying this cable to the primary port and raising the height of your existing antenna the full 10ft can increase the signal as much as 20%.

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