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OUT OF STOCK - Solar Expansion Kit


Add a second 10W panel to your existing Solar Kit. 

This enables your solar power to keep up with a camera on a very high volume set up or data heavy set up (you request a lot of video uploads in addition to photo uploads).

This kit provides everything you need to boost the power of your existing Solar Kit from 10 watts to 20 watts.  The kit includes:

  • Steel bracket (with hardware)
  • 10W solar panel
  • Solar Y-cable (16" in length)

Assemble the bracket and mount the solar panel.  Attach the Y-cable to the solar panel. Hang the second bracket to the left or right of the existing panel. Disconnect your existing solar panel from your battery enclosure and attach to the Y-cable.  Plug the main end of the Y-cable into the battery enclosure (solar in).  You now have 20 watts of solar.

Hang the additional solar panel also facing south.  If you need additional distance between the main panel and the additional one, we offer the 12 foot Power Extension cable (extends both camera and solar panel)

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