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OUT OF STOCK - Solar Upgrade Kit


Convert an existing Battery Enclosure into a full Solar Kit.

This product provides a complete upgrade path to anyone who has purchased the External Battery Kit and now wishes to migrate to full Solar Power Kit.  Included in this kit are the following:

  • 10W solar Panel
  • Steel bracket (with hardware)
  • Solar Charge Controller (with cable connectors for battery in and out)

If you already own the Ridgetec External Battery Kit, then with this kit, simply push the Solar Controller into the foam opening, attach the solar wires to the controller, plug the battery into the battery cable and connect the power output to the output cable.  This is a 1 minute cabling change that does not require any soldering.  It is, in essence, plug and play.

Assemble the steel bracket and mount the solar panel with supplied hardware.  Hang your External Battery enclosure on the bracket and hook up the solar panel to the solar in cable.

You will now have a fully functional Solar Power Kit.

**Please Read (or download) The Instruction Guide for Wiring things up here**

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