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DIY Large External Battery Box


**This is a DIY (Do it yourself) Battery Box. If you need a product that does not require soldering and is ready to use, you will need the following:

-External Battery Kit

This box provides the necessary cabling to power a device of your choice with an external battery. Some soldering may be required. The following features and components are included:

  • Waterproof pelican-style battery enclosure (ip67 rated)
  • Inside Box Dimensions:  9.2” x 7” X 6.1”
  • Pick-and-Pluck foam to customize your battery setup
  • 12 foot Camera Power Cable for Ridgetec cameras
  • 6 foot quick-disconnect cable with leads (for camera or other device of your choice)
  • Fused battery cable with spade connectors (fits F1 and F2 connectors)
  • Connected to the box is a 5 foot quick-disconnect cable with leads going into the box for the battery (leads can connect to our fused cable, or battery/power cable of your choosing)
  • This box can be locked and secured to a tree or post with a Python cable lock (available here)

IMPORTANT: Quick-Disconnect cable coming from the box is female positive. Leads' polarity is: red=positive, black=negative. Reversing polarity may damage your device and void your warranty.

COMING IN 2023 - 40ah and 80ah Ridgetec Battery Packs



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