We are committed to protecting your rights related to privacy and the protection of your information. We will ensure to the best of our ability that your information is protected. This privacy policy relates to information supplied to Ridgetec through, but not limited to, avenues such as website, email, phone, MMS, and Ridgetec managed social media avenues.

Content on Ridgetec website is for personal viewing only. Any and all items and information on Ridgetec website including but not limited to text, graphics, files, software, video, audio, and photos are protected under copyright law, intellectual properly rights and international conventions. It is against policy to use any content from Ridgetec website for your personal website or personal or business uses without written approval from Ridgetec.

No personal information is collected when individuals visit Ridgetec website. We do collect anonymous statistics on the pages accessed, data trends, and general location of internet address of domains accessing the Ridgetec website. Individuals may wish to provide Ridgetec with personal information by email or website forms in order to obtain more information and service from Ridgetec. Any personal information supplied to Ridgetec is maintained on Ridgetec personal servers and not shared to any third party. We will not sell or provide your information to third party companies.

Personal information supplied to Ridgetec, including email address, may be used by Ridgetec to notify buyer of product changes and/or additional information. Ridgetec will provide opt-out options clearly should buyer choose to opt-out and stop future emails.

Ridgetec reserves the right to use images and video footage that is sent to Ridgetec using, but not limited to, email, website, and social media managed by Ridgetec. However, Ridgetec does not reserve the right to use images and video managed on Ridgetec servers under a personal buyer account. We do not have access to your personal photos and video through our software and servers unless you specifically share this information with Ridgetec.

In the event that an order is made through Ridgetec website, your credit card and banking details are not saved or made available to Ridgetec. Our credit card processing software does not provide Ridgetec with credit card numbers. Payment and credit card details provided to Ridgetec by phone, MMS, or other avenues are not maintained on record except when agreed upon in writing.

Items listed with pricing and availability are subject to change without prior notice. Due to exchange rates and market and component fluctuations, prices may change at any time without notice. We will do our best to keep the website up to date with the most accurate information but will not be held liable should information and pricing change without notice.