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Solar Base Station


New from Ridgetec!

The Solar Base Station is a turnkey unit that comes complete with a 15 watt solar panel and built-in 10,000mah Lithium-ion battery so you can put it right to work!  Increase the unit's solar foot print by adding one or more 15W expansion panels (also in our store).

This kit includes:

  • 15w Solar Panel with Built-In 10,000mah Li-ion Battery and Controller**
  • Setup Guide
  • Mounting Bracket
  • U Bracket
  • Mounting Strap
  • Necessary Fasteners and woods screws
  • AC 12V Charger*
  • 12ft Output cable with modular barrel plug Adapters to support Cameras and other 12V devices
  • 1 year warranty


All cabling uses industry standard m12 threaded waterproof connectors that are yank proof.  In addition to the 12ft (4 meter) primary output cable, there are 3 modular pigtails included to support the following size barrel plugs:

  • 4.75mmx1.7mm (Ridgetec w/90 degree)
  • 5.5mmx2.1mm
  • 4.0mmx1.7mm


The Li-Ion battery pack utilizes Grade A 18650 cells and a quality BMS.  The battery capacity is 10,000mah at 12.6V (126 watt hours). The maximum output voltage will be 12.6V when fully charged with a minimum voltage of 9.1V (Disconnect Voltage) with a Reconnect Voltage of 11V.


If the draw of your camera or device exceeds the solar capacity of the base unit's 15W panel (or foliage or obstructions reduce panel efficiency), you can daisy chain up to eight (8) additional 15W Expansion panels to the Base unit.  With this technology you should be able to easily achieve a perpetual set up for most cellular surveillance cameras regardless of usage patterns.

*We recommend fully charging the battery first, before deploying the Solar Base Station as it ships with a partial charge for safety purposes.

**Replacement battery packs will become available on our storefront (customer replaceable)

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