Ridgetec is quickly becoming known for its innovative technology, compact size, and quality at a competitive price. We pay attention to the smallest of details to provide you with one of the most reliable cameras on the market.

High Definition Video with Sound

Ridgetec cameras offer 1280 x 720p HD quality video with high quality sound recording

NO GLOW Black IR Lighting

Ridgetec cameras use proprietary ‘NO GLOW” Black Flash IR technology to provide the ultimate in stealth and minimize camera detection from human and animals

Multi-Zone PIR Sensor

Ridgetec cameras use multi-zone PIR (passive infra-red) motion sensors provide several zones of detection. This maximizes the reliability of the sensor and improves overall motion detection

Dynamic Light Metering

Ridgetec cameras use high quality light metering sensors with a sophisticated light metering algorithm to provide the highest quality image in all lighting scenarios

High Quality 12MP Photo

Ridgetec cameras use high quality CMOS sensors to provide high quality images by day and night

Low Power Consumption

All Ridgetec cameras have very low power consumption in both stand-by and active mode

Fast Trigger Speed

Ridgetec cameras have less than 1 second trigger speeds. Although there are cameras on the market with faster triggers, Ridgetec works to balance speed with consistently high quality images, video with sound recording, and reliable PIR detection

True TFT Viewer Screen with Zoom

Ridgetec uses True TFT LCD screens for programming and picture viewing. This also offers the ability to see greater details in the field without bringing other hand held viewers